Michael A. Cook LLC

Tax Preparation & Bookkeeping Services in New York

Michael A. Cook LLC offers tax and bookkeeping services for individuals, families, sole proprietors, S-Corps, LLCs, and Partnerships. We work 100% remotely - you never have to visit our office.

Our founder, who is a Licensed Public Accountant (PA), IRS Enrolled Agent (EA), Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA), Accredited Business Accountant (ABA), Certified Bookkeeper (CB), and QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, works directly with each client.


We do everything possible to keep prices reasonable. Unfortunately, pricing tax and bookkeeping work is never a commodity with a pre-determined price sticker. Like your trusted auto mechanic, your accounting professional must review your unique situation and needs before a price can be quoted. We will need to see copies of your prior year's tax return and your books if you have a business or rental activity.

Our Minimum Prices

We price tax preparation based on the forms and the complexity. Bookkeeping pricing depends on the condition of your current books, number of transactions per month, connected apps, and other factors with additional complexities such as payroll, inventory, sales tax, etc.

Individual Tax Prep. The minimum price for preparing a simple Form 1040 tax return with 1 State and e-filing is $149.00 (single, no dependents, one Form W-2, no 1099s, no itemizing, no tax credits, no investments/retirement plans/other income or intangibles, no business/rentals, etc.).

Business Tax Prep. The minimum price for preparing a simple business tax return (S. Corp. or Partnership) is $597.00 (you provide all tax-ready financials [including income statement, balance sheet, assets schedules, and statement of owners' equity, etc.] with proper bookkeeping records and financials).

Bookkeeping. The minimum introductory monthly bookkeeping price is $197.00/month (less than 15 monthly transactions, one financial account, no A/R or A/P, no Payroll, no sales tax, no inventory, no linked apps, and balanced books, financial, and records to start).

Most of the work we perform involves more than the minimum. We are happy to quote according to your specific needs.

We Can Help You

We can help you with various issues that you might be facing as a taxpayer.

  • General tax problems
  • Un-filed tax returns
  • If you are tired of owing the IRS
  • If you want to get your taxes up-to-date
  • Tax Planning or Business Advisory Services
  • If you have received that dreaded letter from the IRS
  • And, we do Bookkeeping
Michael A. Cook LLC

Why You Need Bookkeeping Services

| Bookkeeping is tax-smart record-keeping.| Every business, big or small, needs accurate, reliable, and tax-ready bookkeeping.| The best tax-saving strategy is tax-ready bookkeeping.| You ask, Why bookkeeping?

  • Experience fewer problems with your taxes
  • Enjoy more tax savings
  • Position your business for growth and success
  • Understand your cash-flow and your why

Business sense and bookkeeping go hand-in-hand. Enjoy peace of mind with Michael's simplified, convenient, and tax-smart bookkeeping services. Contact Michael today.


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