The IRS deadline to file your 2021 personal tax return which you placed on extension is October 17th!

For many of you, unfortunately, even with this additional 6 months extension you still cannot make the deadline. Claiming ‘the dog ate your tax papers’ might not work for the IRS.

But let’s forget the dog crap. Taxes are your responsibility, civic duty, and patriotic duty as an honorable citizen. At least that’s what I often hear from well-meaning folks.

But, let’s face it. Get over your excuses, the procrastinations, the shoulda, and coulda, and all that dog crap, and let us start doing things, and I do mean all things taxes also… right – at least going forward.

Today is the only day we have to work with. Yes, we all make mistakes, we all procrastinate, and most often life just gets in the way and we fall behind.

The good news is Michael is here to help you get things right with your IRS and State taxes starting today! I can help you get up to date with your taxes, get your books up to date, get you right with the scary IRS letters you have been receiving; and, most importantly, get you back that peace of mind you honestly deserve to enjoy once again while knowing that your taxes and business are on the right track and the pesty and scary tax worries are behind you, fading in the rearview mirror – stress be gone! Ahh…

The IRS prefers when you show them you are willing to start getting your taxes up to date. And though I never encourage lateness; hey, it happens, we are all human.

Breathe again, help is very close. If you need an installment agreement we can do that too. The past is the past. The time for blaming is behind us.

Better late than never! Let’s get started today. And let’s get tax right again! And while you are it, let us get tax-ready books. Michael can help…